I hit 30,000 words. Here’s the very last teaser I’ll share until it’s released.

**This is the last teaser I will be showing of Too Consumed until it is released. This teaser is unedited and still in the 1st draft stages. It can change between now and release. **

Jackson ignored the salad and dove straight into his steak, making a big spectacle of it.

“Man, these steaks are killer!”

Selena frowns at him with a small smile on the corner of her lips. I haven’t really spoken to her yet. We haven’t had time alone, but looking at her this afternoon I’d say she is one hundred percent happy with Jackson and he seems happy with her. I try to picture him pissed off and controlling, but I can’t. He’s too laid back and young to be so… difficult. The only strange thing about them is that they still claim they’re ‘just’ friends when I thought they were planning on dating after Seth’s amateur tournament.

“I promise you, it’s legitimately the best thing you’ve ever eaten.” He adds.

I grip my glass of red wine and bring it to my lips, taking a sip. Seth’s chesty chuckle draws everyone’s attention. He’s leaning back in his chair, completely relaxed as he drags an index finger across his bottom lip. His dark eyes flick to me and his mouth curls into a cocky, unapologetic smile. “I don’t know about that.” He says.

Wine catches in my throat and I choke, spluttering like an idiot.

“Oh come on, you two!” Selena groans. “We’re eating dinner.”

Jackson is laughing, head back and mouth full of food. I feel my cheeks burn. I’m glad someone is finding it so hilarious. Seth raises his glass of water to me before taking a mouthful. I scowl at him, but he doesn’t care. He says and does whatever he wants. There’s no censoring him… maybe that’s why I’m so into him. He’s unpredictable—exciting. My scowl quickly melts into a grin and I bite my lip, quickly scooping salad onto my plate and mixing it with my grilled chicken. I can’t be mad about that… it was a compliment, a naughty compliment I’d rather he not repeat, but one nonetheless.

“Relax, Selena.” Seth laughs, sitting forward in his seat. “My words have nothing on what you and Jackson were doing on the lounge room floor when we got home.”

“Maybe not, but after the shower you and Olivia took I’d say we’re even.” Jackson chimes in with a flick of his eyebrows.

Jesus Christ. Kill me now. 

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